Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken

I heart Trader Joe's. I did not realize how much I loved it until yesterday, as I was pulling things out for dinner, I noticed that a majority of my kitchen is of Trader Joe's products!

Trader Joe's has many easy-to-prepare, delicious meal options. I had recently purchased their Mandarin Orange Chicken, so I decided to try that. I had TJ's Chicken Shu Mai (bite-sized chicken and vegetable dumplings) in the freezer as well, so I made those for a little appetizer. I also had a bag of TJ's Jasmine Rice, so I threw that in the rice cooker and made a salad topped with Chinese noodles and Asian-ginger salad dressing.

The results: better than takeout. The orange chicken was crispy, not soggy, and flavorful although I would have loved just a tad more sauce. The Shu Mai were tasty little morsels (although the dipping sauce was a little too vinegar-y for my taste) and the rice was delicious, as far as rice goes - fluffy, tastfeul, perfect. The only thing easier than making this meal could have been dialing up for delivery, but it would not have been nearly as tasty or quite as healthy of an option.

TJ's Mandarin Chicken will be something I will definitely purchase again... once I make room in my over-stuffed freezer!



Anonymous said...

It really was CRISPY. I loved this, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

The best Orange Chicken. Better than the restuarant ones. Highly recommended!

Janet said...

I just bought some because they had samples in the store and now I am hooked on it. Very crunchy from the oven and the sauce was just right! I could eat the whole bag and maybe next time I will>

susanlauerman said...

When I prepare the Madarin Orange Chicken, in the last minute or two before it finishes cooking, I add either a few tablespoons of orange marmalade or a cup of the madarin oranges(fruit cup, drained). It adds a layer to the sauce and makes it taste fresh and delicious.

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