Friday, June 19, 2009

Beach Baby, Beach Baby...

I am not sure why, but I hate to admit I am a fan of Martha Stewart though I am beginning to cave. The woman does have an empire after all. I LOVE "Everyday Food" (a cooking show on PBS which is under the Martha Stewart umbrella) and they have a little TV Guide-sized monthly publication that I subscribe to. I have become such a big fan, that I've actually started listening to it on the radio on the Martha Stewart satellite radio channel!

I was listening the show this morning on the way to a meeting and they were talking about food memories. Food editor Sandy Gluck was talking about her memories of boardwalk food and as I was listening I could taste salt & vinegar boardwalk fries on my tongue!

Growing up, we frequently spent summer vacations at my grandparents' place in Bethany Beach, DE. During our stay, we would head to either the Rehoboth Boardwalk or Ocean City Maryland in the evenings to have some fun. We also spent a lot of time at the Jersey Shore. Each locale has their own food hot spots that are just as important as the beach itself. The food memories I have tied to the good 'ol days at the beach are so strong, I can smell the air of sticky, sweet, and salty waft through my nose as I type this.

Straying from my usual attempt to discuss healthy, well-rounded meals, I want to take this opportunity to hear about your favorite beach/boardwalk memories.

My Favorite Beach/Boardwalk Memories:
  1. Grotto's Pizza - always a desination if we're ever in the area. The delicious cheese spiral on their pies, you just can't get that taste anywhere else!
  2. The Gravitron - at the Ocean City, MD boardwalk. I can still smell the pleather padding mixed with grease and I can hear the *thud* of the walls sliding up and down...
  3. Picking out taffy at Kandy Kitchen... 10 of the peanut butter swirl.. NO!.. 10 of the peppermint!
  4. Waiting in line for what seems to be hours to get the perfect cone of ice cream at Springer's in Stoner Harbor, NJ.
  5. Taking a tour of nostalgic goodies with Kristin at Ocean City, NJ beginning with homemade donuts.
  6. Being introduced to Mack & Manco's by the Mac himself, Mr. Macchione!
  7. Posing in the Flip Flops for pictures at OCNJ.
  8. Riding bikes with my Aunt Ann and cousin Paul to get sticky buns at Mallon's in Avalon.
  9. 2 words... Boardwalk Fries!
  10. 2 more words... Funnel Cake!
What are your favorite beach memories? Better yet, can you come up with 10?

I challenge you!


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