Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Food News: Tackling the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

It is predicted that for the first time in history, the generation after ours will be live shorter lives than us.  Think about that.  Convenience and cheaper prices have become so much more important than feeding our children healthy, nutritious meals that we are responsible for shortening their life expectancy.

One watchdog group isn't just going to stand for this.  In the article, McDonald's May Face Suit Over Happy Meal Toys, I read that there is watchdog group threatening to sue McDonald's. They claim Happy Meals toys lure kids into unhealthy eating habits and break state consumer-protection laws, likening  McDonald's to "the stranger in the playground handing out candy to children."

Sure, McDonald's claims to have changed their unhealthy ways by now offering apples instead of fries and milk instead of soda, but studies have shown that 90% of the time, these healthy options aren't offered by the cashier and fatty french fries are given by default.

CSPI claims that McDonald's marketing to children is damaging because young children are not "developmentally advanced enough" to resist the marketing.  Parents, it's time for you to step in as well, and help your children make healthy decisions.  Their lives are at stake.


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